Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cuddy base

Winter is a-comin'-in and work has slowed somewhat. Actually, a new order of wood has been made and I now need to save up for some more epoxy. However, a start has been made on the cuddy, and the pictures show the base with one stringer attached. The others will be attached when the next batch of wood arrives. The underside of the cuddy base has been sheathed with glass and epoxy. Once the stringers are attached the base needs turning the right way up. Meanwhile, an assortment of cuddy parts are being cut out and epoxy coated in the shed. The benefit of 'wetting' out the wood with epoxy means that I can wait for a fine day, then bring the part out for assembly - essential for building outdoors. I thought it was a bit mad to do an outdoor build in England, but it is adding to the interest of building by creating an extra challenge!